8 cocktail gift ideas for Mother’s Day

8 cocktail gift ideas for Mother’s Day

“To her whose heart is my heart’s quiet home,
To my first Love, my Mother, on whose knee
I learnt love-lore that is not troublesome”.

Christina Rossetti

She wants the best for you, gives on-point advice and there’s literally nothing she doesn’t know about changing temperatures. In Italy she’s an absolute institution and not to be trifled with. Mum. That’s why we’ve chosen seven ideal Mother’s Day gifts fit for the first and most important woman in your life. Whether she’s the sophisticated Mother-about-town, a world-adventurer, athlete, career-orientated or life and soul of the party, ensure her gifts are:

  • Original: There is that mother, who if you give her kitchen-ware as a gift, will disinherit you and will forever remind you of your horrendous gift choice. To err on the side of caution, give her something she wouldn’t have thought of herself, a surprise that will bring an immediate smile to her face.  
  • Personal: Show her you’re thinking about her by remembering her tastes. She’s maybe not a fan of gin but adores a rich whiskey cocktail. She also doesn’t like housework but loves her job. Let her put her feet up and give her a box of sophisticated cocktails then open up the conversation about everyone’s favourite things in life. 
  • Precious: Remember that Christmas morning feeling? Recreate that for her with a priceless gift. Surprise her at home with a beautifully packaged box of cocktails with premium ingredients, top flavours and organise her favourite people to share it with.
  • To share: Your mum might be an over-sharer of childhood photos on social media when you definitely weren't at your best, but her favourite kind of sharing is when she can spend valuable moments with her children and family to relax and have fun. We have a few ideas for gifts to share.

We’ve put together a tasty list of Mother's Day gifts so you don’t have to waste time hunting online. 


If your mum’s social life makes yours pale in comparison, her every day pencilled in with friends dropping in, and shopping trips, try gifting her our first suggestion, the  Experience Box. This box offer her a personal bar space to share with a friend and give her a chance to wind down after a heavy day on the high street. It comprises an elegantly designed gift box and tray with slots to place her 6 premixed cocktails, two Made in Italy tumblers and one  XL ice Cube mould, so she can enjoy a high mixology experience in great style and with her chosen company.


For a mother with serious wanderlust who never never misses a travel op regardless of distance, our second suggestion, the Limited Edition Postcards are the perfect reminder of the cultures and flavours she loves.  Each cocktail is lovingly made with premium spirits and exquisite ingredients in Italy by our top award-winning Mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi, owner of Drink Kong in Rome ranked in the World’s 50 Best Bars list. And if she's choosing to relax on a staycation, even better, she can enjoy them in her chosen company without having to set foot on a plane and wherever she likes. 


She’s a mover and a shaker so hasn’t that much time for domesticity. She loves her runs, eating healthily, keeping her alcohol intake low but loves a get-together with friends and delicious cocktails. However, she would rather settle for water than compromise on her favourite cocktail flavours and that’s why our third suggestion, the  No-alcohol and Low-alcohol cocktails are the ideal options for her lifestyle choice. We use premium alcohol-free distilled spirits such as Italian-made MeMento alcohol free, Seedlip Grove 42 non-alcoholic spirit and Tanqueray 0.0%. Each one is bursting with herbal botanicals and aromatics that make her cocktail experience lighter without missing out on any of the original flavours. 


A lover of the finer things in life: silk, cashmere, a top class cruise, traditional cuisine, a night at the opera, creamy truffle liqueurs. Your mum appreciates precious objects that stand the test of time and flavours with ingredients associated with age-old traditions. That’s why she’ll love our four rich and sophisticated cocktails made with premium Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey

Let her sip a culturally rich Boulevardier , a cocktail that tastes of Manhattan,  the drink with a chequered past  the Whiskey Sour and the classic Old Fashioned. Our fourth suggestion, the Whiskey cocktail boxes offer a selection of the best whiskey - based cocktails delivered straight to her door in an elegant gift box. For a decadent evening of rich flavours and prestigious ingredients, send her our fifth suggestion, the Chocolates and Coffee Cocktails Box with 16 delicious chocolates associated with the gods of love by Chocolatier Guido Castagna and two coffee cocktails made with Fair Cafè Liqueur.

5.Chocolates and Coffee Cocktails Box

This decadent gift box includes 16 luscious liqueur pralines and 2 XO Cold Brew coffee cocktails. Chocolate and coffee loving mums can kick back and enjoy these luxurious Italian chocolate liqueur pralines lovingly hand-made by renowned Chocolatier Guido Castagna in his Turin laboratory.

These silky smooth chocolate pralines are paired with our hand-mixed coffee cocktails featuring St. Remy XO Brandy and coffee liqueur, by our award-winning Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi. 


She just loves a sunset garden party with family and friends any time of year. Her favourite cocktail flavours range from sour to fruity so she usually chooses a crisp vodka-based cocktail to get the party started. Have a look at our delicious Ketel One cocktails.

 She's often rushed off her feet and has little time to prepare cocktails from scratch so our sixth suggestion of Vodka cocktail gift boxes are spot on for an impromptu party. You can also build her a box of either 3, 6 or 9 favourite letterbox cocktails to include the ever chic pink Cosmopolitan with Cranberry; our fabulously sophisticated Espresso Martini, the gorgeous Garden of Russia and the vivacious Vodka Sour.

  All our core cocktails are made with silky smooth Ketel One Family Made Vodka. All she needs to do is shake, tear and pour over ice. 


She’s busy busy busy. Not only is she a breadwinner but she takes great pride in her professional skills and years of hard graft. Despite being so dedicated to her job she has also been a great mum, standing by you not only at all your milestones and achievements but through the tough times too.

An absolute multi-tasker. As gin is her favourite tipple, our seventh suggestion, Gin Cocktail Gift sets are made for her. With tasty cocktails such as our premium Negroni and Low Alcohol sister the Negroni Next, Gin Proved, Gimlet, ,Gin Sour , White Lady, and the all time double agent classic, the Dry Martini. she is spoiled for choice. Our gin cocktails are made with Tanqueray London Dry gin With its four base botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice, blended with bittersweet Seville oranges and orange blossom flavours, our five cocktails are a luxury she can't afford not to sip. 

8.. Moments cocktail Kits

We've created three NIO Cocktails Moments gift kits for your mum with the free accessories he needs for a quality cocktail experience.

If she likes to unwind with a delicious cocktail but has no intention of fiddling with bottles,  ice or even glasses, she can choose from one of three kits with free tumblers and ice mould to cover those moments.

'Taste the Moment' with 3 cocktails and 1 free tumbler.

Bring the art of high mixology to your mum with 3 best selling cocktails to taste as if he were at a high-end cocktail bar. From the stylish Italian aperitivo, and glamourous pink vodka-based classic to the coolest recipe of the moment, she can enjoy three premium tasting moments all to himself. 

'Share the Moment' with 6 cocktails and 2 free tumblers.

Our Share the Moment Box with 2 tumblers offers your mum and whoever she chooses to share them, with delicious cocktails. From low alcohol, and fruity to dry, suave and sophisticated there is plenty of great flavour to go around.

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'Serve the Moment' with 9 cocktails, 2 free tumblers and spherical ice mould.

This kit has all the flavours your mum and her best mates need for a bar-quality moment together: rich whiskey and rum, sprightly vodka and complex gin-based cocktails, not forgetting of course a great tequila party classic, taste of the exotic and even a low alcohol twist. They only need to pop the ice sphere into the free tumblers, then tear, shake and pour!


Now that we’ve given you a few solutions for the perfect Mother's Day gift, she needs to get it in time! Nio Cocktails sends her cocktail box with tracked courier delivery in just 48 hours, with free delivery for purchases of £25 and over! And if she happens to be in London, you can leave it till the last minute to order as she can get them delivered the same day. Now all she has to do is enjoy a gift from her favourite child! 

Just shake, tear and pour over ice!