Alcohol-Free Cocktail Box



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Refreshing citrus to zesty ginger, sample two of our alcohol-free cocktails!

Key Ingredients:

2 X Violet Vamp | 2 X Lemongrass Citrus
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What's in the box

Featuring 2 of our crafted mocktails to sample and discover your favourite.

The Alcohol-Free Cocktail Box is deliciously refreshing, featuring the Lemongrass Citrus and our newest creation Violet Vamp. Share with friends, or gift to a loved one who's looking to explore crafted alcohol-free cocktails:
  • 2X Violet Vamp Cocktail: Orgeat almond syrup | Monin violet syrup | 1883 Lime cordial | Lime solution | Tanqueray 0,0% Alcohol Free | Water | 100ml | 0% ABV
  • 2X Lemongrass Citrus Cocktail: MeMento Botanical Water | Fruit Juices | Plant Extracts | Sugar | 100ml | 0% ABV

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