Premixed Gin Cocktail Box



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Enjoy six delicious Tanqueray gin cocktails to explore in Gin-uary!

Key Ingredients:

2 x Negroni | 2 x Gin Proved | Gimlet | Gin Sour
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What's in the box

Celebrate Gin-uary with our delicious Gin Cocktail Box!
Featuring six of our best-selling premixed gin cocktails - including two each of our award-winning Negroni and Gin Proved. This ready-to-drink cocktail box is the perfect gift for gin lovers and those who enjoy easy gin cocktails. 
These gin cocktails feature a range of flavours, from classic bittersweet to signature sours, perfect for both expert and new gin cocktail lovers.
  • Negroni Cocktail: A signature gin cocktail featuring Tanqueray Gin, Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino, Campari and Angostura bitters. 
  • Each serving is 100 ml and 22% ABV.
  • Gin Proved Cocktail: A simple gin cocktail made with Tanqueray Gin, Bols Parfait Amour, Organic Citric Acid, Toschi Liquid Sugar, and Water. 
  • Each serving is 100 ml and is 22.2% ABV.
  • Gimlet Cocktail: A refreshing gin drink made with Tanqueray Gin and Finest Call Lime Cordial. 
  • Each serving is 100ml and 23.3% ABV.

  • Gin Sour Cocktail: A tangy gin-based cocktail made with Tanqueray Gin, Organic Citric Acid and Toschi Liquid Sugar. 
  • Each serving is 100ml and 22% ABV.

Why You’ll Love Our Gin Cocktail Box

Kick off a great weekend with our easy Gin Cocktails from our 6 cocktail selection box, including our award-winning Negroni and Gin-Proved. These gin drinks are bound to please the serious connoisseur and the new gin enthusiast alike, with tastes ranging from bittersweet to sour. It's the perfect gift for gin lovers.

The History of Our Gin Cocktails Box

Our Gin Cocktails Box shows our love for gin-based cocktails. We've curated a variety of gin cocktails that are easy to enjoy, and shows the history of gin. More than just a collection of drinks, this Gin Box Set is truly a celebration of gin at its best. Our Gin Cocktail Box is the perfect cocktail gift for those who want to give gin drinks a try. 

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