Food Safety Policy

The NIO Cocktails srl management, in agreement with Department Managers , considers essential for the

protection of the final consumer and for an effective management of commercial relationships the adoption of

a correct Quality and Food Safety Management and Control Policy.

The main commitments of the company are food quality and safety, which materialize in the production of safe

products in compliance with current regulations in relation to food hygiene maintained with: the continual

updating of regulations, prompt adjustment of company prerequisites and of the existing management systems

to what’s required, usage of specialized resources.

Food safety is implemented and maintained thanks also to a traceability system and to the application of the

HACCP methodology, with the involvement of all flows of all the implicated organizations, both internal and

external, and furthermore thanks to the adoption of a management system compliant with the following

voluntary international standards:

➢ UNI EN ISO 22000:2018

NIO Cocktails srl deems it appropriate to maintain a correct relationship of collaboration and information with

customers to insure them an optimal qualitative and innovative level of the offered product, the highest

punctuality in deliveries, promptness in delivering the required assistance and to build trust in preserving food



➢ Guaranteeing product safety through the correct management of production activities;

➢ Maintaining a high level of product quality and safety

➢ Maintaining an effective communication with all partners and suppliers to extend to them the food safety

targets, and at the same time monitoring suppliers so that they comply to legislation and clients requirements;

➢ Consolidating function managers and administrators’ abilities through the adoption of formative and

informative programs to develop technical abilities, enhance awareness and improve technical and

communication skills;

➢ Continuous improvement of the internal organization for employees’ health and safety and for their physical

and mental wellbeing.

➢ Maintaining to a high-level communication in regard to products’ scientific, ethical and legal developments;

➢ Taking care of the corporate image in the market;

➢ Focusing on the customer care to reach a high level of Customer Satisfaction.

To reach, maintain and monitor the above targets, NIO Cocktails Srl puts in action the following activities:

➢ Draw up every year a detailed “Targets plan” compliant to the following policy, which represents a document

in which these are defined for every department involved: the managers, the measurability parameters, and the

indicators that NIO Cocktails aim to reach;

➢ Yearly review of the Policy and Targets Plan

➢ Yearly review, or in case of substantial adjustments to products and processes, of procedures and HACCP

System to prevent potential risks and at the same time to verify the efficiency of the adopted measures;

➢ Inspect the premises and facilities to verify the maintenance of the requirements to avoid non-conformities

and guarantee safe products.

NIO Cocktails S.r.l management ensures that the following policy is made known to the operational staff and

shared externally through targeted communication channels.