Experience KIT of 6 cocktails + refill of 3 at 12% OFF



Key Ingredients:

6 NIO Cocktails | 3 NIO Cocktails for your prompt refill | 2 cut glass tumblers | 1 XL ice mould
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Product Description

84,50£ Special offer 74,50£ for limited time only

The perfect cocktail tasting kit, extended with a refill of 3 drinks! Grab your 8 cocktails, 2 tumblers and Ice XL mould at a special price.

The extended cocktail tasting kit contains:

  • 6 NIO Cocktails we have selected for you from our core collection, classics and twists as well: Cosmopolitan + Negroni + Margarita + Boulevardier + Mai Tai + Garden of Russia
  • 3 NIO Cocktails for your prompt refill, we choose for you from our core collection: Cosmopolitan + Negroni + Margarita)
  • 2 cut glass tumblers, NIO Cocktails branded, produced with a sustanaible process, made in Italy, created for the perfect tasting experience
  • 1 XL ice mould NIO Cocktails branded (ice cube: 5.7 cm, overall dimensions: 12x12x5 cm)

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