Rum Cocktail Box

10 Gift Ideas for Rum Lovers

Whether it’s spiced rum, white rum, dark rum or anything in between, there’s something that appeals to every rum lover’s taste. It should come as no surprise to learn that it’s one of the most popular spirits around and if you’re not a rum lover yourself, we’re sure you know someone who is.

If you’re looking for the perfect present for your friend who just so happens to frequently enjoy a rum cocktail, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite gifts that every rum-enthusiast is guaranteed to love.

1. Decanter

Does your friend have an at-home bar? Then they’ll definitely need a decanter to store their favourite rum in. With various styles available, decanters are also designed to enhance the aromas of spirits. If you want to go the extra mile, some companies may also engrave the decanter with your friend’s name, a special date or a meaningful quote to make the gift even more special.

2. Rum Cocktail Box

What could be better than gifting your rum-loving friend a box full of rum-based cocktails? They’ll be thrilled when they open their box of 3, 6 or 9 premixed cocktails to see it filled with deliciously refreshing Daiquiris and some of their other favourite cocktails. Or, present them with a luxurious gift box such as our 1832 Majani Cocktail Box which features Italian dark chocolate paired with a unique rum-based cocktail, crafted with Clement Blanc Rhum for the ultimate indulgence.  

1832 Majani Cocktail Box

3. Rum Truffles

One of life’s greatest pleasures is alcohol-infused chocolate and sending your friend a box of rum truffles will put you in their good books for a long time. Too good to share, rum truffles are truly indulgent treats that taste like heaven in a bite.

4. Rum Scented Candle

Rum-scented candles bring a luxurious fragrance to any room. Dark, spicy and fruity rum candles have a strong scent that will linger and evoke happy memories for your rum-loving friend. Perfect for either cosy nights in or social gatherings we know your friend will have this candle proudly displayed.

5. Rum Cocktails Print

Modern and eclectic, a rum cocktail print will look great in any kitchen or at-home bar area. There are hundreds of creative cocktail prints out there featuring recipes for any aspiring mixologist or an illustration of your friend’s favourite rum cocktail or even their favourite bottle of rum, the choices are endless. 

6. Make Your Own Rum Kit

If your friend is more of the adventurous type, getting them a make-your-own-rum kit will provide hours of entertainment and, hopefully, a tasty treat at the end. Whether they make a night of it and invite the whole group over or would rather experiment on their own, this gift won’t go unappreciated and they’ll no doubt tell you all about their creations.

7. The Rum Manual

Any rum enthusiast will want to know how to drink every type of rum from old, classic rums to new-generation and premium rums. The Rum Manual is the ultimate rum drinking guide and filled with information on which types of rum to use for the best cocktails and how to truly enjoy and appreciate the spirit.

8. Rum Glasses

Different cocktails require different cocktail glasses to really enhance the flavours and aromas and rum glasses are specially designed for this. While drinking straight rum can be enjoyed in lowball glasses, the best type of glass to use is one with a tulip-shaped rim and a wide base. Buying your friend a set of rum glasses with their unique appearance will definitely go down well.

Rum Glass

9. Personalised Rum Coasters

Looking for a little gift to show your appreciation? Get some personalised rum coasters which could include their name or their favourite bottle of rum. This little quirky gift will be used time and time again and will show them that you care.

10. Rum Measure

The Royal Navy traditionally measured rum in half-gill tots which is a small cup with a handle on it made from brass and HMS stamped on the bottom. This measuring cup is often sold by specialists and while it’s not entirely necessary these days, it is something that will look great on a bar and be treasured by rum-lovers.

Browse our selection of premixed rum cocktails to surprise your friend with.

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