10 Best Gifts for Vodka Lovers

10 Best Gifts for Vodka Lovers

Are you looking for the best gifts for vodka lovers? Vodka gift sets can be a great way to show someone you know their taste, and love them for it. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, an anniversary present or a thank you, vodka gifts are a great option.

Of course there are the obvious vodka themed gifts like a bottle of premium vodka, or a selection of premixed vodka cocktails. But if you want to explore your options and gift your vodka-loving companion something different, why not take a look at our top 10 gifts for vodka lovers?

1. A Cocktail Recipe Book

Every budding mixologist should have a cocktail recipe book in their collection. Whether it’s vodka or other spirits that they want to experiment with, a cocktail recipe book is the ideal gift to help them explore. They may even branch out and try some new recipes that they never even knew existed.

With a little bit of history included in most cocktail books, they’ll brush up on their trivia knowledge while creating delicious drinks. The Savoy Cocktail book is always a classic on any cocktail lover’s bookshelf, and has become the cocktail bible over the years. It was created by Harry Craddock - one of the most famous and celebrated American bartenders.

2. A Stylish Set Of Glasses 

When it comes to creating amazing vodka cocktails, using the right type of cocktail glasses can make all the difference. From highball glasses to martini glasses and classic coupe glasses too, it helps to have a lovely set of cocktail glasses on hand to help your vodka-loving friend navigate whatever delicious cocktail they're making next. 

Cocktail Glasses

3. Cocktail Making Class

If they really are the ultimate vodka lover and already have everything a cocktail connoisseur could need, then why not opt for an experience gift? You could take them on a surprise trip to a cocktail making class in a city near you.

Cocktail making experiences are everywhere, and for the person who has everything, a cocktail making masterclass will be ideal. This unique cocktail-themed gift offers a fun way to make some delicious drinks and learn some valuable skills when it comes to mixology.

4. A Beautiful Shaker 

Most cocktail lovers will have a cocktail shaker, but few will have a cocktail shaker that they absolutely love. From stainless steel to glass to graphite, there are plenty of cocktail shakers that will take their breath away and make the perfect gift for a vodka lover.

For an extra special touch, you can even consider adding a personalised engraving. 

5. Premixed Cocktails

If your friend loves drinking vodka cocktails, what better way than to enjoy different vodka drinks with a premixed vodka cocktail set from NIO Cocktails. All are perfect single serves, crafted with quality ingredients only, meaning; no mess or waste, only truly bar-quality cocktails. There are so many options when it comes to vodka cocktails, but our sure-fire favourite gifts for vodka lovers are:

Garden Of Russia

The Garden of Russia is an unusual and delicious take on the Vodka Sour created by NIO Cocktails Head Mixologist, Patrick Pitolesi, who was inspired by the colourful, perfumed and unforgettable Summer Gardens in St Petersburg. Blending vodka, citric acid and an elderflower twist, this cocktail is reminiscent of a magical flower garden in a glass.


One of the most loved cocktails on any menu, this premixed drink makes the perfect gift for any vodka lover. Our version of this delicious classic features Ketel One, the tangy-sweet orange of Cointreau, cranberry and lime. It won the Spirits Business Spring 2021 Silver Medal and is a firm favourite of our patrons.

Premixed Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Vodka Sour 

Who can resist a vodka sour? With a refreshing blend of tangy lime, sugar syrup and Ketel One Vodka, this cocktail is a light and refreshing summer cocktail that makes the perfect gift.

Espresso martini

Smooth and velvety, the Espresso Martini is a classic cocktail that requires little introduction. Blending together vodka, coffee liqueur and, you guessed it, a shot of espresso, this drink is a rich indulgence that every home bar needs.

Premixed Espresso Martini

6. Complete Cocktail Making Kit

If you can’t decide on just one premixed vodka cocktail set, why not opt for a cocktail making kit with a NIO Experience Box. This is the perfect gift for any vodka lover looking to expand their horizons and try some new combinations. The gift set features 2 glass tumblers, an ice mould to create four XL ice cubes and 5 ready-to-savour cocktails of your own choosing.

That means you could choose a selection of exciting vodka cocktails for your friend, and add in a couple of non vodka-based cocktails from our selection, so that they can explore new tastes and find new favourites. This is a great gift for someone who wants to experiment with different flavours.

 7. A Sophisticated Drinks Trolley

Is your vodka loving friend missing that crucial drinks trolley in their home bar set up? If so, a glamorous vintage drinks trolley could be the touch of style and sophistication that they need.This glamorous addition to the home will make a bold statement and provide extra storage for more drinks.

 8. A Glass Punch Bowl

There are so many amazing punch recipes that feature vodka, and if your friend likes to entertain you’ll be in their good books if you gift them a glass punch bowl. A punch bowl sounds pretty basic, but they can be really beautiful. From vintage to art deco there's plenty of choices so you can choose the bowl that will match their style perfectly. If you're feeling extra generous you can even throw a glass ladle in there too.

9. Sour Box

If you know your friend loves Vodka Sour cocktails, why not opt for the sour box as the perfect gift? With this gorgeous box, vodka lovers get to enjoy the sour family in all forms, experimenting with new spirits. This box is filled with some amazing drinks including Gin Sour, Whiskey Sour, Vodka Sour (of course), Brown Gold, Gin Proved and Garden of Russia.

Premixed Sour Cocktail Box


10. Gift Card

If you’ve thought of every gift possible and nothing is giving you that “wow” feeling, then a gift card can be a great option. It is one of the best gifts for a vodka lover, as it gives them complete freedom to choose.

If you’re not sure what cocktail gift set they would want, or aren’t brave enough to get them something different, then why not let them choose? With a digital gift card you’ll get the gift card direct to your inbox ready for you to share with your vodka loving friend.

Have you found the perfect gift for your vodka loving friend? If not, why not take a look at our premium vodka based cocktails that would make ideal gifts for any vodka lover.

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