7 Father's Day Gift Ideas

7 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Whether he's an adventurer, teller of bad jokes, workaholic or simply the person who's stood by you through bad times and good, your dad deserves something special this Father's Day. Our gift guide has 8 suggestions for the whiskey, gin, or vodka-loving dads who adore a delicious, premium cocktail.

Browse our list of Father's Day cocktail gifts that deliver expert mixology from the comfort of home. And if he’s still not satisfied with the selection,  you can curate his own box of 3, 6 or 9 cocktails of his favourite flavours including No & Low alcohol options. These cocktail sets are a best-in-class present for fathers who appreciate bespoke-quality cocktails, all mixed by our top award-winning Mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi.

Our favourite cocktails for Father’s Day

Help your dad sit back and relax with these unique, exclusive Father’s Day cocktails from NIO Cocktails.

1. Moments cocktail Kits

We've created three NIO Cocktails Moments gift kits for your dad with the free accessories he needs for a quality cocktail experience.

If he likes to unwind with a delicious cocktail but has no intention of fiddling with bottles,  ice or even glasses, he can choose from one of three kits with free tumblers and ice mould to cover those moments.

'Taste the Moment' with 3 cocktails and 1 free tumbler.

Bring the art of high mixology to your mum with 3 best selling cocktails to taste as if he were at a high-end cocktail bar. From the stylish Italian aperitivo, and glamourous pink vodka-based classic to the coolest recipe of the moment, he can enjoy three premium tasting moments all to himself. 

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'Share the Moment' with 6 cocktails and 2 free tumblers.

Our Share the Moment Box with 2 tumblers offers your dad and whoever he chooses to share them, with delicious cocktails. From low alcohol, and fruity to dry, suave and sophisticated there is plenty of great flavour to go around.

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'Serve the Moment' with 9 cocktails, 2 free tumblers and spherical ice mould.

This kit has all the flavours your dad and his best mates need for a bar-quality moment together: rich whiskey and rum, sprightly vodka and complex gin-based cocktails, not forgetting of course a great tequila party classic, taste of the exotic and even a low alcohol twist. They only need to pop the ice sphere into the free tumblers, then tear, shake and pour!

2. Sour Premixed Cocktail Box

This Sour Cocktail Box is a great Father's Day present for dads who love to devour a sour cocktail at any opportunity.

Sour cocktails are a family of cocktails that feature a base spirit, some kind of sweetener such as simple syrup or sugar, and an acidic element such as lemon or lime. They have been sipped since the 1800s, and their main ingredients still form the base of many modern cocktails.

This box of premixed sours contains six expertly mixed vodka, gin and whiskey-based cocktails, including Vodka Sour, Gin Sour, Whiskey Sour, Brown Gold CocktailGin Proved Cocktail, Garden of Russia cocktail So, if you’re looking for a variety of classic and unique cocktails, this collection is perfect for treating your dad to some tangy, flavourful sours this Father's Day.

3. Bitter Premixed Cocktail Box

A bitter premixed cocktail box makes a fabulous Father's Day present for those who love something a little more sophisticated and less sweet than other types of cocktails.

Few drinks capture the spirit of Italian cocktail hour like our Negroni, Milano Torino and Boulevardier Campari-based classics.

A perfect Father's Day gift idea for cocktail enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

4. Postcards from Japan, Venice and France cocktail gift sets

Experience a taste of Japan’s, Venice’s or France’s most idyllic locations with four exclusive cocktails for each incredible journey. Perfect for dads who love to travel, this selection box of four inspiring cocktails will whisk him away to each glorious location with every delicious sip.

5. The Experience Bar Cabinet

Your dad might be a bit of a cocktail connoisseur, and if so there’s nothing he’d appreciate more than an elegant, essentially designed tray to carry his cocktails and ice holder. The tray has 6 slots to stack his cocktails and central space for the ice holder. This is a great way to set up his own home bar that tidily fits into a small space and is an impressive way to present and serve delicious premium cocktails.

Choose up to 6 NIO Cocktails to add to his tray, great for serving cocktail lovers everywhere. 

6. The Deluxe Bar Cabinet

We are raising the bar (ahem) with the Deluxe Bar Cabinet. This elegant tray comes with 6 tumblers and an ice holder meaning that not only are there 6 cocktails to share but 6 exclusive NIO Cocktails Italian cut-glass tumblers to drink from too. This is the premium way to show appreciation for your dad this Father’s Day as he only needs to organise appetisers. As the tray is beautifully minimal it can stay on display wherever he likes around the house.


Just add 6 NIO Cocktails to the tray that your dad and his friends and family might enjoy.

7.NIO Gift Card

If your dad is very particular about his tipples, or prefers the freedom to choose his own cocktail set, we also offer online gift cards.

This is a great gift for cocktail connoisseurs, and it will guarantee that your dad gets a Father’s Day present he loves - much better than socks!

Looking for some more Father's Day gift ideas and last-minute bar-quality gifts? Check out our Father's Day cocktail gifts, Gin Cocktail Gift Boxes, Whiskey Gift Sets and Cocktail boxes and our Limited Edition Cocktail Gift Sets for all the inspiration you could need to help make this Father’s day the best one yet. All our cocktails arrive at your dad’s  door in 48 hours by tracked courier and if he’s in London, his cocktail gift box will arrive with same day delivery!