Disaronno Sour: the authentic taste of Italian Dolce Vita

Disaronno Sour: the authentic taste of Italian Dolce Vita

In the world of spirits and liqueurs, few elixirs evoke the same sense of timeless elegance and rich history as Amaretto di Saronno. This famous Italian liqueur, with its delicate balance of subtle hints of vanilla and apricot, has captivated the palates of connoisseurs for centuries. Originating from the picturesque town of Saronno in Lombardy, Italy, Amaretto di Saronno boasts a heritage as rich and complex as its flavour profile and is the world’s best-selling Made in Italy liqueur.

A precious recipe


Bernardino Luini, a talented pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, was commissioned to paint a fresco of the Madonna in the sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Saronno in 1525. Legend has it that as a gesture of gratitude for the hospitality shown to him by a young innkeeper, Luini immortalised her likeness in his painting and In return, she gifted him a special amber elixir containing apricot kernels, and spices.

The original recipe eventually found its way into the hands of Giovanni Reina in the 1600s, and the family jealously guarded the recipe over the centuries. Fast forward then to the 20th century, and a descendant, Domenico Reina, finally decided to share this treasure with the world, setting up his own Domenico Reina Coloniali shop and workshop in the main square in Saronno, province of Varese. This is where Amaretto di Saronno was born.

The Reina family established the Distillerie Reina in Saronno in 1851 where Amaretto di Saronno was perfected and transformed into the iconic liqueur known and loved today. In 2001 it was rebranded as Disaronno Originale even though it tends to be known worldwide by its original name.

Craftsmanship and Quality

What sets Disaronno apart is not just its storied history but also the meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to quality that goes into its production. The liqueur is made using bitter apricot kernels, vanilla and sugar along with a secret blend of herbs and spices that are mixed and macerated in neutral alcohol and distilled to extract the aromas and flavours. creating the signature sweetness and complexity of Disaronno.

Once blended, the liqueur is left to rest and mature, allowing its flavours to blend and develop over time. It is this dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail that ensures each bottle of Disaronno delivers a consistently exceptional drinking experience.

Versatility in Mixology

While Amaretto di Saronno is exquisite on its own, its versatility makes it a prized ingredient in the world of mixology. Its sweet almond-like flavour achieved with bitter apricot kernel pairs beautifully with a wide range of spirits and mixers, making it a staple in both classic and contemporary cocktails.

One of the most iconic cocktails featuring Amaretto di Saronno is the Amaretto Sour otherwise known as NIO Cocktails Disaronno Sour. By combining the liqueur with bourbon or whiskey, fresh lemon juice, and a touch of simple syrup, this cocktail strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sour, with a subtle almond undertone.

For a refreshing twist, Disaronno can also be used to elevate classic cocktails such as the Mojito or the Old Fashioned. Its almond-like flavour adds depth and complexity.

Disaronno Sour

Our cocktail is The Spirits Business Global pre-mixed & RTD Masters silver medal winner for a good reason. It’s sweet and sharp thanks to the sensational notes of Disaronno liqueur crafted with the essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits that sublimate the tartness of 1883 lime syrup for an exotic, almondy palate. The Disaronno Sour cocktail will transport you to the very heart of the ‘Bel Paese’ With its rolling Tuscan hills, blue seas, sunsets, and crazy drivers. Not bad for a cocktail. Garnish with a slice of orange and two mini amaretti biscuits to add extra Italy to your cocktail experience.


Beyond the bar, Amaretto di Saronno is a favourite ingredient in the culinary world, where its rich flavour adds depth and sophistication to a variety of dishes. From decadent desserts like tiramisu and panna cotta to savoury dishes such as chicken or pork marinated in a sweet and tangy Amaretto glaze, the possibilities are endless.

One popular Italian delicacy featuring Amaretto di Saronno is amaretti biscuits. These bite-sized treats, made from ground apricot kernel seeds, sugar, and egg whites, are delicately flavoured with the liqueur, giving them a distinctive almond taste and a crisp, chewy texture.

Whether used as a flavouring or enjoyed on its own, Amaretto di Saronno brings a touch of Italian sophistication to any culinary creation, making it a cherished ingredient in kitchens around the world.

A Timeless Classic

In a world of ever-changing tastes and trends, Disaronno stands as a timeless classic, cherished for its rich history, unparalleled quality, and exquisite flavour. From its humble origins in the Lombardy region of Italy to its status as a global icon of elegance and refinement, this liqueur continues to captivate palates of connoisseurs everywhere.

Whether sipped neat, mixed into a cocktail, or used to elevate a culinary masterpiece, Amaretto di Saronno embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship and tradition, offering a taste of la dolce vita with every sip.

The last sip 

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