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Christmas Gift Guide: 40 Perfect Presents For The Cocktail Lover In Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to curl up by the fire at home, grab your laptop and find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. If you’ve got a cocktail lover on your list and you’re struggling with Christmas gift ideas, we’ve got you covered.

In our roundup of cocktail-themed presents, you’ll find Christmas presents for mum and dad, your husband or wife and anyone you hold special (and maybe something for yourself, too).

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Keep reading for our ultimate Christmas gift guide for cocktail lovers.

Christmas Gift Sets

1. Cocktail-Scented Bath and Shower Set

Everyone loves a good pampering session! Encourage the cocktail lover in your life to prioritise self-care with soap, shower gels and bath melts scented like their favourite drink. 

2. Christmas Cocktail Set

Treat them to NIO Cocktails’ Premixed Christmas Cocktail Box, a selection of delicious premium cocktails filled with warm winter spices and enticing aromas. Featuring six of our most popular limited edition premixed Christmas cocktails, this cocktail gift set is the perfect way to warm up the holiday season.

3. Full Cocktail Experience Set

For someone looking to begin their journey into the exciting world of cocktails, our Cocktail Experience Box is the perfect gift. Including two glass tumblers, our XL square ice tray and 5 ready-to-drink cocktails of your own choosing, this present has everything an amateur cocktail connoisseur needs to get their at-home bar started.

4. Sip & Read Gift Box

Picture it: a dark winter’s evening, a roaring fire, your favourite cocktail and a great book to curl up with. We’ve partnered with Penguin to make this dream a reality for those who love a good book and tasty cocktails. Check out our Sip & Read gift box now. 

Personalised Christmas Gifts

5. Cocktail Gift Basket

Create a personalised cocktail Christmas gift by filling a basket with everything a cocktail lover needs in their at-home bar. What you add is up to you, but we recommend a mix of spirits, syrups, tools and recipes. Or, stock a gift hamper full of our delicious ready-made cocktails — we love the Adriatico Amaretto Cocktail Box.

6. Cocktail Shaker

Whether stainless steel, glass or graphite, a sleek cocktail shaker can add a touch of sophistication to any home bar (you can even opt to have it engraved for an extra-special touch). When choosing a cocktail shaker, look for something that is durable, comfortable to hold and allows cocktails to be shaken, muddled, stirred and strained… Without the same happening to the mixologist!

7. Bottle Stopper

Preserve opened bottles and prevent spillage with a bottle stopper — an invaluable tool in any mixologist’s arsenal. In addition to being highly useful, bottle stoppers come in a range of styles to complement any bar, big or small. For an extra-special gift, opt for a personalised version that’ll make their home bar stand out. 

8. Set of Coasters

Coasters are always a handy present for cocktail enthusiasts, as no one likes leaving rings on their surfaces. You can get personalised coasters, luxury coasters or themed coasters to complement your cocktail lover’s home aesthetic. 


Christmas Gifts For a Budding Mixologist

9. Cocktail Jigger

A cocktail jigger is a useful measuring tool for creating a perfectly balanced cocktail, making it a must for any cocktail fan. You can choose a classic stainless steel jigger or go for something a bit different and personalised. Either way, we're sure they'll put it to good use.

10. Cocktail Smoker

Cocktail smokers are a unique tool used to infuse drinks with a smoky flavour. Perfect for cocktails like an Old Fashioned, it’s a great gift for amateur mixologists looking to take their home drinks to the next level. 

11. Crystal Whiskey Decanter

Looking for an elegant gift for your loved one? A crystal whiskey decanter fits the bill. They are sure to treasure this generous gift and proudly display it in their home bar to serve (and preserve) their whiskey.


12. Glass Rimmer

A glass rimmer is one of those products that once you've tried it, you'll never look back. The useful tool boasts two trays, one for dipping the rim of your glass in water, and the other for coating it in sugar or salt. Use it to salt the rim of a classic margarita, or for a spicy twist, replace the salt with hot chilli flakes.

13. Cocktail Recipe Book

Every budding mixologist should have at least one cocktail recipe book in their collection. We love The Savoy Cocktail book by Harry Craddock, an American bartender who left the U.S during prohibition to work as a cocktail artist at London’s Savoy Hotel. 

Capturing the spirit of the Prohibition era and featuring historic recipes and vibrant illustrations, this book is a classic that they can spend hours pouring over. 


14. Flavour Thesaurus Book 

Invite them to learn more about cocktail art with a book that’ll teach them all about flavour profiles. With The Flavour Thesaurus, they can learn all about the intricacies of different flavourings and what foods to pair with their favourite drinks. As a bonus, the interesting tome makes for a great coffee table conversation-starter. 

15. Cocktail Strainer

A cocktail strainer is an essential tool when it comes to making the perfect drink, removing unwanted ice and chunky ingredients to create a smooth cocktail. Splash out and get a luxury gold strainer or a professional bartending set that will please any cocktail lover. 


Christmas Gifts For Your Best Friend

16. Cocktail Kit Travel Bag 

Treat your on-the-go friend to our Cocktail Kit Travel Bag. This portable bar comes complete with backpack, a spherical ice tray, two fully-insulated carry bags to keep ice cold and four NIO Cocktails travel tumblers. It’s the perfect addition to picnics, road trips, camping holidays, BBQs and garden parties.


17. Cocktail Making Class

Christmas presents don’t have to be physical gifts to be great. A masterclass in mixology is the ultimate present that keeps on giving for cocktail lovers — and their friends.

18. Bar Tray

A serving tray makes for a useful addition to your friend’s at-home bar. Not only does it make doling out drinks easier, but the right tray can also add a sophisticated touch to their bar setup. 

19. Cocktail Neon Sign

Treat your design-loving friend to a neon cocktail sign they can hang on their wall. Playful and unexpected, this makes for a fun gift that merges their love for décor and their love for drinks.

Christmas Gifts For Clients or Colleagues

20. Reusable Straws

Reusable straws are a great (and affordable) stocking-filler or Secret Santa gift. Available in an array of eco-friendly materials, including stainless steel and glass, these sleek straws will have them sipping their creations in style. 

21. NIO Cocktails’ Best-Selling Cocktail Box

If you're shopping for someone you only know from post-work happy hours, such as a work colleague, consider gifting them our Best Seller Cocktail Box. Filled with six of our best-loved cocktails, this box makes for an exciting gift even for the most discerning cocktail lover. 

Christmas Presents for Anyone 

22. Coupe Glass Set

Although coupe glasses were historically meant for serving champagne, they are a firm favourite amongst cocktail lovers. Their design prevents spills and also ensures that hands don’t warm up the drink thanks to the long stem, making them especially great for drinking chilled cocktails like Frozen Daiquiris.

23. Coffee Lover Cocktails

Give the coffee lover in your life the best of both worlds with coffee-flavoured cocktails they can enjoy any time of day. We recommend our signature Brown Gold or our award-winning Espresso Martini Cocktail as the ultimate indulgent treat.


24. Ice Cube Tray

Any cocktail drinker knows that ice is among the most important components of cold cocktails. Our silicone square ice cube tray is ideal for chilling and sipping cocktails in classic style. Or, help them keep their drinks cool with our spherical cocktail ice tray. Sleek and unique, this tray makes perfectly round ice balls that’ll jazz up any cocktail.

25. Mixology Dice

For the person who likes to experiment, mixology dice make for the perfect gift – and undoubtedly many entertaining evenings. Instead of following a recipe, roll the dice to determine which ingredients to use (and in what ratio). Who knows — you could come up with a new globally-beloved cocktail.

26. Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Even non-drinkers can enjoy the taste, aromas and complexity of expertly crafted cocktails with our premixed alcohol-free cocktails. Our Virgin Bitters mocktail delivers the flavours of a classic Negroni and is perfect to enjoy before dinner as an aperitif, and the energising Lemongrass Citrus is just what’s needed over the busy Christmas period.


27. Cocktail Glass Set

From stout whiskey cocktail tumblers to champagne flutes, there’s no shortage of cocktail glass styles. Give an amateur cocktail lover a set of various cocktail glass styles to help jazz up their home bar. 

28. Hand Juicer

A hand juicer is a useful little gadget that every cocktail artist should have in their tool kit. It’s quick and simple to use, and it makes juicing fruits (and even veg) for cocktails easy and pain-free. Running a little behind on picking up all your presents? Hand juicers can be found at most homeware stores making it one of the best (and most useful!) last minute Christmas gifts. 

29. Cocktail Pick Set 

Cocktail skewers are a must for holding garnishes like cherries and olives in cocktails (and they can even be used to serve bites). A reusable metal set is more sustainable in the long run than wooden versions, as well as much more stylish. With sets ranging from sleek to quirky and playful, your friend can easily find a set to reflect their style. 

30. Shot Glasses

No home bar is complete without a set of shot glasses. Whether it’s for measuring pours or for drinking spirits straight, shot glasses are a quintessential feature of the drink-lover’s arsenal. 

31. Drinks Trolley

Exuding style and sophistication, a drinks trolley is a unique and exciting present that will thrill any cocktail aficionado. This glamorous addition to the home will make a bold statement and provide extra storage for more drinks.

32. Cocktail Artwork

Surprise your favourite cocktail lover with modern artwork for their home this Christmas. Whether it's a print of their most beloved cocktail, a cocktail-related quote or an illustrated guide of ingredients for classic cocktails, there are plenty of options to choose from. Consider getting it framed so they can hang it right away — they’re sure to find this gesture both thoughtful and helpful.   

33. Cocktail Mixing Spoons

Simple yet effective, a set of cocktail stirring spoons makes for an incredibly useful gift for home cocktail lovers that like their drinks stirred, not shaken. 


34. Blender

Good Christmas gifts are those they can use now — great presents are those that they can use year-round. If your cocktail-loving friend is looking to expand their drink repertoire, consider gifting them a blender. They can use it throughout the year to create refreshing frozen cocktails from the comfort of their own home.

35. Glass Punch Bowl

For the perennial party host, a glass punch bowl can't be beaten. Take their home decor as inspiration and get them a bowl that'll serve as a centrepiece for all their future parties. If you're feeling extra generous, you can complete the gift with a sleek glass ladle in there too. 

36. Snack Serving Bowl

Snacks are always important when making, serving and drinking cocktails. Supplying your cocktail-loving friend with stylish bowl sets to serve olives or nuts will always be appreciated (by them and their guests).


37. Tiki Glasses

For the party-loving cocktail fan, spice up their presentation with a set of tropical tiki glasses. Ideal for tropical and rum-based cocktails, these colourful mugs will no doubt liven up their cupboards — and have them planning their next vacation.

38. Copper Mugs

If the cocktail-loving family member or friend in your life enjoys making aesthetically pleasing drinks, treat them to a set of rustic copper mugs this Christmas. Classic cocktails like Moscow Mules and Frozen Mojitos look especially appealing in these stylish multi-purpose mugs.

39. Immersive Cocktail Experiences

There are hundreds of unique, themed cocktail experiences in the country to choose from — your drinks enthusiast will be spoilt for choice! From an immersive experience set in a famous prison to a magical cocktail experience inspired by the iconic boy wizard, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

40. Oak Barrel

Looking for unusual Christmas presents? Consider snagging an oak barrel. It may seem a little different, but it’ll allow for your drink-loving friend to age spirits and cocktails easily for an exquisite-tasting drink. Wooden Shell is a small UK-based business that creates beautifully handcrafted oak barrels that are perfect for maturing whiskey and look lovely in the kitchen.

And that's a wrap on our roundup of the top Christmas gifts ideas for cocktail lovers in 2022. Add to the joy and give your loved ones something to sip on while they open their cocktail-themed presents with a personalised selection of the drinks they love most. Our Cocktail Build-A-Box is mailed through their letterbox already premixed and ready to enjoy. 

If you’re looking to get creative while treating yourself and your loved ones this Christmas, take a look at 10 of the Best Christmas Cocktail Recipes.