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We may be heading into winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel in taste to three incredible destinations, all crafted with the finest premium tspirits. These 12 unforgettable cocktails allow you to take flight to the most beautiful parts of the world from the comfort of your own home

Key Ingredients:

Postcards from France | Postcards from Venice | Postcards from Japan
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What's in the box

Postcards from Japan

Discover the spirit of Japan in this exclusive collection from NIO Cocktails and our leading Mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi.

Postcards from Venice

A collection of 4 limited edition cocktails, each crafted by Patrick Pistolesi, waltzing you on a tour through time in this iconic romantic city.

Postcards from France

From the Cognac terroirs through to the rugged Normandy coastlines, Patrick’s journey of taste led him to create four incredible cocktails with a contemporary, French heart.

What's in the box

It’s time to travel around the NIO Cocktails world of Mixology with this sensational once-off Postcards Bundle, only for Cyber Week.

Why you'll love it

Local spirits, famous brands and premium ingredients have been carefully researched and mixed by Patrick Pistolesi, our leading Mixologist and owner of award-winning Drink Kong bar in Rome. Each cocktail brings you the authentic taste of each culture, whisking you directly to the heart of Japan, France and Venice with every sip.