1832 Majani Cocktail Box



Key Ingredients:

2 x Scorza Majani 90% Italian Chocolate Bars | 2 x 1832 Cocktails
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Product Description

Founded in Bologna in 1796 and for generations since, Majani has crafted luxurious chocolate with quality foremost on its mind.

In 1832, Majani created the first solid chocolate "Scorza Majani" delicacy in Italy, featuring a crumbly fondant made with a secret blend of 4 different types of cocoa beans. Today, Majani still faithfully follows the ancient processes that its chocolatiers have handed down from generation to generation but to further enhance its enchantment, a new “raw” product has been created, called Scorza Grezza 90%: this is a cold-worked chocolate, neither bowl-blended nor machine-refined. As a result, the chocolate preserves the granularity of the original cocoa paste obtained from grinding the toasted beans. A delicate hand tempering process further amplifies its aromatic bouquet.

Intense and persistent on the palate, Scorza Grezza 90% offers a sublimely precious gift for the taste buds.


Introducing 1832 Cocktail

NIO Cocktails 1832: Our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi has created an exclusive cocktail based on Rhum Canne Bleue from Martinique to pair with Scorza Grezza, which similar to Majani, uses a distillation process that has been handed down from generation to generation. Rhum Canne Bleue has been perfectly mixed with the Bols liqueur "Crème de Cacao White" to give an unmistakable sweet and enveloping flavour and present the perfect partner to Scorza Grezza.