Aperitivo in Terrazza Luxury Cocktail Box



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Aperitivo In Terrazza Candle | NIO Cosmopolitan | NIO Negroni | Gift Box
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Product Description

NIO Cocktails and Acqua di Parma have collaborated to create the ultimate luxurious pairing this Christmas.

Featuring the Acqua di Parma candle 'Aperitivo in Terrazza', transform winter evenings into Italian aperitivo inspired bliss by candlelight.

The limited edition and exclusive set pairs the exquisite Italian citrus spice-based candle by Acqua di Parma with two best selling NIO Cocktails, the Negroni and the Cosmopolitan.

Aperitivo In Terrazza Candle

The new Acqua di Parma 'Aperitivo in Terrazza' candle with its soft citrus fragrance creates a sparkling atmosphere in the home to enjoy the most quintessential Italian aperitivo. A rich blend of lime, blood orange, grapefruit, gentian and cinnamon creates a gental spiced citrus aroma. Perfectly paired with our classic NIO Negroni and Cosmopolitan, served over ice, for a luxurious evening.

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