Violet Vamp


The sophisticated aromatics of Tanqueray 0.0% give way to the delicate notes of violet, and lime for a summer cocktail with a dash of attitude.


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Orgeat Syrup (Contains Bitter Almond) / Monin Violet Syrup / 1883 Lime Cordial / Lime Solution / Tanqueray 0,0% Alcohol Free / Water / 100ml


Sour & Sweet

Recommended for

Appetizer, Dinner, After Dinner

Why you'll love it

Although alcohol free, this cocktail is not just a pretty face. The Tanqueray 0,0% Alcohol Free sublimates this beautiful purple-hued cocktail to make it the perfect taste experience for the unconventional cocktail drinker. 

The four Tanqueray botanicals of juniper, coriander seed, liquorice and angelica root are softened by notes of almond, rose and spring meadows on the palate, brimming with sweet violets and…ninjas.

Ninjas? Well we did say a cocktail with a dash of attitude.

The History of Violet Vamp

The history of the Violet Vamp starts today. Inspirational, loyal, simple, the violet in both colour and note is a symbol of the beauty of resilience and is the fragrant embodiment of nature. But look out, it’s not all violets.

The aromatics of Tanqueray 0,0% Alcohol Free add determined, complex notes while lime is the perfect balance of sourness necessary to detract from an otherwise too goody-goody profile. Specially mixed with flair in Italy by our flowery Master Mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi.

Serve the perfect cocktail in one minute

Get your favourite tumbler glass

Once your glass has been filled with ice, give your cocktail pack a quick shake.

Tear off the corner

Simply pinch and tear the corner – no need to remove from the paper sleeve.

Pour over ice

Leave to stand for one minute and enjoy in good company.