Mai Tai Premixed Cocktail

Spirits Business Pre-Mixed & RTD Masters - Silver Medal Winner


A fruity rum cocktail that brings the spirit of Tiki culture to your bar.

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Pampero Aniversario Rum / Cointreau / Monin Orgeat Syrup / Lime Citric Acid / Water / 100ml | 25.5% ABV

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Appetizer, Dinner


Pre Mixed RTD Silver Medal

Cocktail Description

Mai Tai, short for “Mai Tai-roa-aé”, means “out of this world” and it’s no wonder why. With rich notes of candied orange peel and dark treacle from Pampero Aniversario Rum, zesty fresh citrus from lime and Cointreau, and warm earthy spices from Orgeat Liqueur, this is truly the king of Tiki cocktails. Full-bodied and fruity with just a hint of sweet spice, our carefully crafted Mai Tai is sure to bring a slice of tropical paradise to your home bar.

Mai Tai History

Floral shirts, colourful leis and relaxing in paradise; just some of the ways travellers to Polynesia in the 1940s embraced Tiki culture. Ironically the Mai Tai became an icon when friends from Tahiti visited Victor Jules Bergeron in California. After sipping a cocktail made for them by Bergeron, one exclaimed "Mai Tai-roa ae!" meaning "out of this world - the best!". We're sure you'll proclaim "Mai Tai" for our refershing and flavourful rendition.

Serve the perfect cocktail in one minute

Get your favourite tumbler glass

Once your glass has been filled with ice, give your cocktail pack a quick shake.

Tear off the corner

Simply pinch and tear the corner – no need to remove from the paper sleeve.

Pour over ice

Leave to stand for one minute and enjoy in good company.

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