Stylish Love GQ Cocktail Bundle

£119 £89.00 Bundle Offer


Key Ingredients:

8 x GQ NIO Cocktails | 4 x GQ Glass Tumblers | Spherical Ice Mould | 4 x Artworks on Fedrigoni Paper
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Product Description

£89.00 Valentine's Bundle! Double the cocktails in this extended edition of GQ glassware and cocktails featuring the flavours of iconic cities.

A limited-edition cocktail gift set with 8 cocktails and 4 designer cocktail glasses celebrating the style and tastes of the most iconic cities -  Milan, London, New York and Tokyo. 

Each cocktail is crafted by our award-winning bartender, Patrick Pistolesi and paired with exclusive GQ glassware and an artist sketch.

- 2 x Milan Cocktail: "Milanese Bianco", a rounder version of the classic Negroni cocktail;

- 2 x London Cocktail: "The Dandy", a classic Gin Sour enriched by the exotic touch of ginger liqueur;

- 2 x New York Cocktail: “The Big Apple", a Bourbon Bulleit based cocktail recipe incorporating green apple liqueur;

- 2 x Tokyo Cocktail: "Sensei", a technically perfect cocktail, exquisitely crafted with yuzu liqueur, a Japanese citrus fruit

4 x GQ x NIO Cocktails Cocktail Tumblers

- 1 x Sphere Ice Tray

- 4 x Exclusive Art Prints on Fedrigoni Paper

Mixology experience in collaboration with GQ

Each cocktail is paired with a unique tumbler, engraved with the NIO cocktail and GQ logos and inspired by their respective cities, as well as 4 illustrations, created by Italian art director Paolo Prossen and printed on luxurious Fedrigoni paper.

This exclusive box is the epitome of luxury and style, perfect for the GQ man and woman who enjoy life to the fullest, who love travel and exploring iconic cities and want to welcome and celebrate the style of those cities in their homes.

The NIO Cocktails x GQ limited-edition box is handcrafted in Milan using the best spirits in the world, and delivered directly to you, or friends and family if you are gifting them, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your homes. All our packaging is recyclable.

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