Premixed Cocktails

NIO Cocktails’ founders, Luca and Alessandro, were inspired by a single, simple idea whilst hosting friends one evening: to bring expertly crafted ready-to-savour cocktails into their home to enhance their evenings.

Cocktails that Need Ice Only

NIO Cocktails give you the same expertise; the same premium brands; the same quality ingredients that you'd expect to discover in the world’s best bars. The only difference – Needs Ice Only, no other specialist knowledge, ingredients or bar implements required.

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2527 reviews
  • "...the quality is superb. Close your eyes and you could be propping up Claridge's bar."
  • "NIO Cocktails, purveyors of the most exciting mail order packages since the launch of Net-a-Porter."
  • "Finally, we can enjoy a tipple or two with friends. Order a box of NIO...and let the good times roll."
  • "Letter-box cocktails are now the latest and greatest invention... your new favourite drinks."